William in hospital

William C’s Story

When she was twenty weeks pregnant, Lisa was given news that would frighten and alarm any mother to be: her little baby was going to come into the world baring a heart condition.

Only two days after giving birth to her beautiful William,…

Zali 3

Zalis’s Story

Zali was only six weeks old when she was diagnosed with a heart condition. Despite their many concerns, Zali’s parents were determined to treat her just the same as they would any child – they didn’t want their daughter to be defined …

Hugh SwettHeart Day

Hugh’s Story

Hugh, Regional NSW


Only two days after being born, Hugh’s breathing seemed rapid and had been put on oxygen after one of the nurses had noticed his colour had changed. The paediatrician was called, an x-ray ordered, and next …

Riley Brown

Daniel & Riley’s Story

After a healthy pregnancy we were very excited to meet our first born child. Daniel was born at Hornsby Hospital on the 18th August 1994 via caesarean section and within moments it was apparent something was wrong.  His little chest was ca…


Beau’s Story

Beau was born on the 7th December 1982. He was diagnosed with a congenital heart condition called Tetralogy of Fallot. This condition is characterised by four defects of the heart: pulmonary artery stenosis (Narrowing), inter-ventricular d…


Simon’s Story

Our world was set on a challenging course with the birth of our son Sam in August 2001. On a wet Friday evening in Perth, having been back in Australia from Botswana for just a few months, a big baby boy joined his sister Stella. It was soo…


Marcus’ Journey

It’s surprising how much more relaxing your second pregnancy is, with the exception of the frustration felt at not being able to eat chocolate as I had gestational diabetes! All went well during the pregnancy and Cameron’s little brother,…


Sophia’s Story

Sophia Louise Hart came into this world at 22:25 hrs on 22 July 2005. There was no indication during pregnancy that Sophia would be born with a congenital heart defect. I remember saying out loud when she finally came out (posterior), …

Tierna Photo 2

Tierna’s Story

22nd October 2010 was the day we started on our journey of being Heart Parents.

We were 19 weeks pregnant with our second daughter, already having a beautiful, healthy 2.5 year old.  We didn’t want to find out the gender of our new baby…

Ben Erickson

Ben’s Story


Our beautiful Ben William Alfred Erickson was born 23rd Dec 2010 at RPA in Camperdown. I was induced 1 week early as he was tracking to be a big baby. After a fairly uneventful pregnancy, he arrived at a healthy 3.92kilos.

Ben …

New South Wales