William C’s Story

When she was twenty weeks pregnant, Lisa was given news that would frighten and alarm any mother to be: her little baby was going to come into the world baring a heart condition.

Only two days after giving birth to her beautiful William, Lisa was forced to entrust her precious little bundle to the skilled hands of cardiologists – open heart surgery had to be performed. Thankfully, William survived his first, then second and third open heart procedures.

Today, William is a healthy, normal six year old. While there are many things that he can’t do, such as play contact sports, he can proudly show the ‘zipper scar’ which will permanently mark him as a heart kid and tell of his triumphant journey to date with heart disease.

“The ongoing support we’ve received from HeartKids NSW has meant a lot to us. It is a big financial and emotional strain on a family to have a child in hospital for an extended period of time, so to have an organisation like HeartKids there to help is a wonderful thing,” – Lisa, William’s mum

William in hospital

New South Wales