HeartKids membership is open to

  • Families with a child who has a congenital heart disease or acquired childhood heart disease. This includes parents, siblings, grandparents and extended family..
  • Teenagers and Adults with CHD who would like to join a forum for discussion.
  • To any individual or group concerned with the issues of congenital heart disease who have a specific interest in helping raising awareness and funding.
  • To any individual involved in the issues of congenital heart disease and acquired childhood heart disease, be they from a medical background or the political arena.

Download a HeartKids Membership Form 

Membership offers you access to:

  • Family Support Coordinators – present in hospital to offer you support and financial assistance at critical times, and by phone and email as required.
  • Our Financial Assistance program to help reduce the financial burden of CHD.
  • Local support in your region through our HeartsLocal Program
  • Opportunities for your heart child and family to attend events with other heart families.
  • An informative website and Facebook page connecting you with an online community to share stories and keep you updated on current events.
  • A seasonal emailed Newsletter to keep you informed on what’s happening at HeartKids.

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