Around 30 years ago, ‘HeartKids’ was born of the passion of a few families who had experienced the kaleidoscope of emotions associated with having a child with congenital heart disease.

In the ensuing years HeartKids offices were established in the various states in Australia, with management and a team of Family Support Coordinators able to support families, all backed by a board and a group of committed volunteers.

In 2004 sixteen delegates at the annual conference unanimously supported the proposal that an alliance of state associations be created to form an Australian HeartKids group, and that its name be ‘HeartKids Australia’ (HKA).

An Interim Board was established to support and guide the working party, and oversee HeartKids Australia’s progress.

The journey into 2006 saw HeartKids Australia adopt a constitution, become incorporated, develop its corporate identity, raise funds for research and form alliances with a range of related organisations, sponsors and supporters.

HeartKids NSW

August 2016 – HeartKids NSW host “the Best Ever” Tiny Tickers Ball raising $108,000 which will help us continue our work in supporting our families.

July 2016 – All states and their members unanimous vote for the integration of state based HeartKids to become HeartKids Limited effective 01st November 2017

January 2016 – HeartKids NSW welcomes 3 new team members, Pam Collocott ( Corporate Partnership Manager),

August 2015 – HeartKids hosts the 2015 Tiny Tickers Ball at The Westin Sydney

April 2015 – Leigh Henderson joins the team as Community Fundraising Manager

March 2015 – Record number of families (48) attend the Annual Family Camp at Myuna Bay

January 2015 – Lara Bostock steps into the newly created role as Head of Family Support

August 2014 – HeartKids NSW presents HeartKids Australia with $25,000 for Grants In Aid

June 2014 – HeartKids NSW provide another 2 sofa beds to Edgar Stephen ward to allow parents a comfortable place to sleep at their childs bedside

June 2014- Donation of $10,000 Sydney Adventis Hospital for funding Operation Open Heart in Fiji

June 2014 – Alisa McDonald joins the team as Community Fundraising Coordinator

May 2014- HeartKids NSW moves into their first office in Wentworthville, 5 mins from The Children’s Hospital Westmead

May 2014 -HeartKids NSW buys a state of the art breast pump for Edgar Stephen ward at The Children’s Hospital Westmead valued at $2300.00

March 2014 – HeartKids hosts 40 families at this Family Camp at a cost of $35,000

March 2014 – HeartKids NSW supports Dr Nadine Kasparian at The Children’s Hospital Westmead with a donation of $20,000 for her vital work in helping HeartKids families.

February 2014 – HeartKids NSW donates $1000 to HeartKids Australia Grants In Aid program

November 2013 – A further $25,000 is donated to HeartKids Australia Grants In Aid program

August 2013 – HeartKids NSW funds 15 new Futon chair beds to Edgar Stephen Ward at a cost of $24,000

June 2013 – HeartKids donates $10,000 to Sydney Adventis Hospital funding Operation Open Heart (proceeds raised from Spring Garden tour run by Alpine Nurseries

November 2012 – $20,000 donated to The Heart Centre for Children for research

August 2012 – HeartKids employ Donor relations Manager, Natalea Litchfield

November 2012 – Lisa Chamberlin is appointed Special Projects/Admin assistant

April 2012- HeartKids employ Bianca Ciccia as Events/Fundraising Manger

August 2011 – HeartKids NSW appoints their first full time employee and Chief Executive Officer, David Rose

May 2007 – Dawn Everingham joins the team as Operations Manager to assist State Manager with day to day running the organisation

2006- HeartKids NSW provides $50,000 seeding money to set up HeartKids Australia

April 2006 – Kim Mackie joins Karen and service both Sydney Childrens’s hospitals in Westmead and Randwick

March 2006 – Karen Sherlock joins the support team.

February 2006 – HeartKids NSW enlists  their first employee, Maggie Frawley as State Manager, shortly followed by our first Family Support Coordinator Cecily Waterworth.  Cecily was also President of HeartKids NSW prior to this for 6 years and volunteered at The Children’s Hospital, visiting families in the cardiac wards.

Many thanks to the volunteers who were with HeartKids NSW from our inception, you all paid a role in making us become the prevalent organisation we are today and enabling us to support our families.


New South Wales