Board Members

HeartKids NSW Inc is run by a board elected annually by members at our Annual General Meeting. These roles are purely voluntary and non paying. They are made up of parents of HeartKids and individual professionals concerned with the high incidence of Childhood Heart Disease(CHD) who donate their time and experience to support HeartKids NSW in its goals.

At our AGM Monday 16th November 2015, a board was elected, the members are as follows:

  • Chairman: Jackie Giles
  • Vice-Chairman: Kevin Baker
  • Treasurer: Jamon Thomas
  • Secretary: Joe Murphy
  • Public Officer: Erron Palmer
  • General Director: Jayne Blake
  • General Director: Nathan Archie
  • General Director: Karen Graham

HeartKids NSW Honor Board

We would like to thank the following people for their dedication and commitment over the past 10 years serving as Chair’s on the board of HeartKids NSW.

2015 – Jackie Giles

2014 – Jayne Blake

2013 – Jayne Blake

2012 – Jayne Blake

2011 – Ryan Payne/Jayne Blake

2010 – Ryan Payne

2009 – Ryan Payne

2008 – Ryan Payne

2007 – Ryan Payne

2006 – Dawn Everingham

New South Wales